How to know she’s into you

If she holds her eye contact longer than normal or gets fidgety around you, it could be a sign that she likes you. She may also blink more often, touch her face or eyebrows, or play with her hair.

If she asks you personal questions about your hobbies or life, it’s a good indicator that she likes you. Also pay attention to whether or not she randomly hugs you.

1. She goes out of her way to run into you

She notices things about you that other people wouldn’t. Like how you adjust your glasses when you get nervous, or that you log on to social media at 7:20 PM every night.

When you text her, she replies almost instantly. This is a huge sign that she’s interested in you.

She may start hanging out in places that she knows you’ll be. She might also go out of her way to make sure she sees you. For example, she might try to sit by you at a bar or restaurant.

2. She asks you questions

If a girl asks you questions that aren’t just to keep the conversation going, it means she’s invested in you. She might ask what your hobbies are, how you spend your free time, or what kind of movies you like.

She also might ask what your plans are for the weekend or if you’d like to hang out. She might even suggest meeting up to do something with you if she’s into you.

Also, if she’s laughing at your stupid stories that would make other people cringe, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

3. She goes out of her way to spend time with you

She may invite you to spend time with her friends, and will pay close attention to how everyone reacts to your presence. She might also ask open-ended questions that prompt more detailed responses, which is a clear sign of her desire to build a deeper connection with you.

She might ask you about your female friends or past relationships, and may become slightly jealous or possessive when you mention spending time with other women. She might lightly bite her lips while talking to you, which is a sign of flirting and attraction.

4. She takes an interest in you

When she starts noticing and commenting on your little quirks, that’s a good sign that she’s interested. She’ll notice your unique smile, how you tilt your head when you talk or even the way you tap your feet to music.

She’ll also be more likely to take an interest in the things you like or share your opinions on topics that she thinks you might find interesting. Private jokes, even just funny ones she repeats to herself, are a clear indicator that she wants to connect with you.

She may even start talking about the future with you. That’s a huge step in showing that she sees you as a potential partner.

5. She shares personal information with you

If she talks to you about things that are personal, it’s a sign she wants to put your interest in her to the test. This may include her plans, dreams or even her struggles.

She might also remember details about you, which is a great sign that she pays attention to your conversations. She will likely share these details with you later, which is another way to build a connection with you.

She will probably break the touch barrier with you in some way, such as giving you a hug or sitting close to you. She might also send you song lyrics or quotes that reflect your personality, which indicates her emotional investment in you.

6. She’s edging closer to you

Girls are often much more open about their feelings than guys. She might be telling her friends about you and tease you with flirty comments, or she might give you a nickname. She might also give you compliments or touch your arm as she’s talking to you.

She might be edging closer to you by smiling at you more, looking at you more, or even just laughing harder at your stupid stories. She may also be edging closer by touching you in a more sensual way—such as running her hands over yours—while letting you know she’s getting close to orgasm.

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